Random conversation

[Two strangers on a train. Eyecontact.]
"Would you like a collage?"
"Of what?"
"All sorts of things."
"I think you will."
[Collage exchanged, studied]
"You're right. Thank you. I would like a collage."
[Small bit of conversation, aspects of collage]
[In reference to a button:]
"I agree: Fuck Fur!"
"Oh. Would you like it? I can get more."
[Button removed, pinned on new home]
[Bits of conversation regarding mishaps, travel plans, worldviews]
"Oh I know what else I can give you! ... It's a website by a friend of mine."
"Oh good, stuff exchange! I always get depressed if I don't have enough things to give to people."
[Card with enigmatic picture and the words 'blood of eden. com' exchanged]
[Some more bits of conversation, including art]
[Introductions made, e-mails exchanged, train ride over]

Now guess which one was me.
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The following is a recreated thought-process from last night, standing above the heater. It is, of course, not quite like the original, but I'll try to follow the jumps.

"I will do what I want."

(Here I briefly went into some of the implications of this statement, stuff having to do with "will" and "want" and German, and how maybe it's inevitably true, etc.)

"I wonder how you say that in German."

(Several brief moments pass, and then I face up to it:)

"I don't know."

"Well, how about Hebrew then? 'אני אעשה מה שאני ארצה'. No wait - that's not it. That's 'I'll do whatever I want.' It should be 'אני אעשה מה שאני רוצה'. I probably have to be careful in German as well with the tenses."

(More thinking about German, realizing that I really have forgotten what little I knew, or that I hadn't learnt as much as I thought I did.)

"Back to 'אני אעשה מה שאני ארצה', 'I'll do whatever I want.' - how do I translate that literally into English, using the future tense like (I assume) is done in German?"

(Now here's the good part, the reason I'm posting all this:)

"I will do what ever I want."

Do you get it? "what ever I want" (think of old phrasings: 'if ever I want', for example), "whatever". Sometimes this stuff fascinates me.
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